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COVID-19, Monkeypox, and HIV are heavily transmissible and dangerous diseases still impacting members of our community. Even less threatening bacterial STI transmission rates are on the rise due to increased unprotected sex in our community. Please stay up-to-date with current CDC information and safe guard yourself to help stop the spread.

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Welcome to uTrick iTrack!

Do you meet guys online and hookup with them? Ever lose track of them? Ever figure out that you're talking to the same flake that wasted your time a few months ago? Have you had someone reach out to you who seems to know you but you can't remember who he is, when you may have chatted, or what he even looks like? If so uTrick iTrack is just for you, one site to track and rate all your Tricks privately and securely. With so many dating and hookup sites and apps out there, and with some sites deleting your chat history after a few weeks, it can be hard to remember who you talked to on what site or app, or when. You can easily loose track of who you want to hookup with again or who you want to forget forever.

With your uTrick iTrack account, Simply enter any and all known screen names or other contact information for your Tricks, add photos, track and rate your sexual Trysts or other sexy encounters, and make notes about your Trick and the things you did that made him memorable for your future reference.

Plus, if other members have tracked the same Trick, you can see that Trick's average ratings from his other trackers, as well as your average ratings entered by others who may be tracking Trysts with you on our site.

Finally one place to Track all your Tricks and Trysts securely and accessible to all your mobile devices.

Track Tricks from popular Apps and sites like: Grindr, Jack'd, Scruff, Growlr, Manhunt, Adam4Adam, Hornet, GuySpy, dudesnude.com, and many more.

This site is intended for Gay Male adult audiences only. You must be 18 years of age or older to access this site. uTrick iTrack is optimized to work with Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile phone devices.

* PLEASE NOTE *, uTrick iTrack is NOT a chat site. We help you keep track of your contacts from the multitude of other Gay Chat and Hookup sites already out there. We do however offer some limited capability to communicate with your previous Tricks through Flirts and Cruising features. View our full range of features and services along with a brief description of their benefits to you, below.

uTrick iTrack adaptive responsive mobile display

Privacy & Security: Privacy and discretion have always been vital to the GLBT community. We have made some impressive advances in GLBT rights (pre-2017), however during the American Dark Age from 2017-2020 some protections came under fire again. None the less, uTrick iTrack is committed to your Security and Privacy. Information you enter is encrypted to your account only. Screen names, emails, and phone numbers are secured in a way that can be interpreted by our servers to allow "Average Ratings" to be calculated, but no other details entered about the encounters can be shared. If you want to know more about how your information is protected feel free to Contact Us.

Trick Tracking: This is basically a pumped up contacts list. Enter your Trick's stats, dimensions, and contact information. You can upload 6 photos for each Trick. Most of this information can be easily exported to your devices native contacts list. You can rank your Tricks based on their honesty and they are ordered by their "doability" ranking.

Tryst Tracking: When you hook up with a Trick, you can track and rank the occasion. You can enter information about when and where this sexy Tryst occurred. You can then select and rate what you guys did with each other. If other members have had a Tryst with this Trick you can see an over all average of your rating and other Tracker's rating of this Trick's Special Sexy Skills. You can also track your safety habits with your Tricks as well.

Group Trysts: We know that sometimes you can have more fun in a group setting. Group Tryst allows you to quickly create a Tryst entry for multiple Tricks on one page rather then going to each individual Trick’s contact page. In the Group Tryst just enter the When and Where information, then add Participants, you can then individually rank each participant's skills.

Advanced Search: You can now deep dive into your Tricks and Trysts to find that guy who will satisfy your specific urges and desires. You can also search for Tricks based on Location, perfect for frequent travelers.

Me and My Hand: We understand you may not always be able to get that man in your bed and may need to take matters into your own hand. This allows you to track your solo sessions to see what things you do to yourself that gets your juices flowing and what may not.

My Timeline: My timeline is a chronological graphic display of all your Trysts. From here you can see how all your Tricks and Trysts fit into place with each other over time. A great feature for trips down memory lane.

My Sexual History: To help with the writing of your memoir, you can now view the story of your sex life. Formatted from the perspective of you telling your story of all your sexual escapades, My Sexual History puts all your Trick and Tryst history into an exportable format that you can print or just read to remind yourself of how far you've come ... or is it how many times you have cum?

My Reports: Based on all the Trick, Tryst, and Solo information you enter you can see a one page report of all your sexual behaviors and also allows you to see how your hookups rate your Special Sexy Skills (of course if they are members who have tracked you). Your Reports may be a good place have some friendly competitions with your friends to see who ranks best between the sheets.

My Man Cycle: We as Gay Men are glad we don't have to deal with women and their monthly cycles. BUT Men have Testosterone Cycles that affect our moods. This tracker will help you understand your unique Man Cycles.

My Bucket List: Everyone has some fun or interesting Sexual Experiences they want to try before experiencing Gay Men's bed-death. Here is a way for you to list and check off items on your Sexy Bucket List, privately and securely.

My Journal: Sometimes there are things that you may want to document that does not fit the format of Trick or Tryst tracking, a journal is a free form to write about anything you want to, it can be a personal journal for you or a place to further document details of your sexual escapades.

My Relationship Plan: For those of you who would like to use uTrick iTrack for more then just a Hookup Tracking and Rating service, you can use our service to help you find your ideal lover(s), life partner(s), or husband(s), what ever label you wish to use. We here at uTrick iTrack are Polyamory friendly so no one will judge you for wanting a horde of hot hunky men for a group marriage.

Direct Profile: From the My Account page, you can manage your public Direct Profile. This is a public profile but NOT searchable by webcrawlers like Google, AOL, or Yahoo, This profile link you can add to other Hookup site profiles. Your Direct Profile allows all your Tricks to quickly add you to their Track list and Rate your Trysts. Learn more in our FAQs.

Health and Safety: You may have heard the tag-lines "Know Your Status", and "Treatment is Prevention". We are committed to our member's health and safety. We have icons that display on your Trick's 'cards' so you can quickly note the status of potential hookups. Also when you track a Risky or Potentially risky Trysts, an automated reminder will pop in 6 months to remind you to consider a health screening. These feature can be enable or disabled in your account settings.

Trick Modeling: I'm sure you've been in this situation before, you hook up with a guy, but you do not have any pics of his "Special Assets" ... Now you can select a series of drawings that closely resemble or describe your Trick's Fun Bits and Model him for future reference.

Premium Features: If you donate to our site, as a thank you we will unlock Premium Features for you for 30 days. With Premium features you get the following:

  • Unlimited Trick Pix. The limit of 6 pix per Trick is temporarily removed.
  • Video Upload. The ability to attach short mp4 videos to Tricks. The 5MB file size limit is increased to 50MB, however we recommend using an application like Handbreak or VideoSmaller to convert and resize video files to optimize the videos for website viewing.
  • Cruise Trick. If you have an email address saved for a Trick you can send an email via the Trick's profile letting him know you're interest in hooking up again.
  • QR Flirts: Generate a QR Code that a potential Trick can scan on his phone and send a message to you discreetly. * This feature is only available on mobile devices.