About uTrick iTrack

uTrick iTrack was inspired by a program discovered back in 2003. It was a stand alone Java based application that could be installed on Macintosh or Windows based computers. The unfortunate thing is that it was limited to a single computer and the information could be too easily lost by equipment changes, virus infections, or failed hard drives.

Once Smart Phones and Tablets started gaining popularity making localized applications less desirable to cross platform cloud-based apps, the inspirational application was no longer supported by it's developer. The quest began to build something comparable that would work with the new cloud-based mobile platforms. In 2015 uTrick iTrack started development and went into live release in 2016.

Please note this service if a free service to you, however there was a substantial commitment of time to this project and continues to be as new features are requested by and developed for our members, as well as costs to publicly host this site. uTrick iTrack is a non-profit and does not require a subscription, but we do encourage Donations to help us stay live. We do offer some additional functionality to those who donate as a thank you and as a driver to encourage future support from our members.

We hope you enjoy our service. We are always open to feedback, suggestions, and of course Donations. Happy Hooking, and play safe.