Unfortunately, there is not an iTunes or Google Play App available for uTrick iTrack at this time. However, utilizing the Progressive Web App (PWA) framework on both iOS and Android this site is designed to act like an App on mobile devices.

First, Make sure you are logged in to your account before following the next steps ... Otherwise you will be asked to log in every time you launch this PWA.

You can add uTrick-iTrack to your device's Home Screen using the following instructions:

Apple iOS:

iOS Save to Home Screen


Android Save to Home Screen 1 Android Save to Home Screen 2
In the Address bar tap the three dots to open the menu.
Select the "Add to Home Screen" option.

Creating an account is easy and 100% free.

Start by clicking or tapping "Register an Account".

You will then be asked to provide some basic data like your Name, Email Address, Birthday (to verify you are 18 or older), an Account Password, and finally a custom challenge question and answer for password recovery.

Once this information is entered a verification email will be sent to your registered email address. You must follow the verification link in this email to access your account.

If you do not see the verification email, check your Spam Folder, as messages may some times be mis-identified and moved to spam. You can "White-List" our emails by adding "" to your contacts list. If you still do not see the verification email please use the Contact Us form and we will resend the verification information to you or manually unlock your account, if needed.

Once your email is verified you can log in and start tracking all your Tricks and Trysts.

This is an unfortunate reality in this age of email spam. Sometimes legitimate emails get flagged as spam and moved to a junk or spam folder, or may be blocked entirely by your email provider just because other shady services like to bombard you with useless email. AOL and Yahoo are known for extremely strict email filters that may block or delay some messages from our site.

What can you do to ensure our messages get through?

All Site or Account related emails (for now) are being sent from our servers directly and are coming from the email "support@utrickitrack.dx.am". All 'Non-Critical' emails are send from "support@utrick-itrack.com" via a third party bulk email service called SendGrid.

If you find our emails marked as spam in your spam or junk folder, select them and click the "Not Spam" option, after a few times our emails will start going into your inbox.

Another way to ensure delivery of our emails, it is advised that you add our source emails to your contacts list, this will 'white-list' our source emails, basically making us a 'safe sender' for you. You may use this link to quickly add our emails to your contacts

If you have problems getting important site or account emails, please reach out to us using support@utrick-itrack.com or the Contact Us link in our site footer. We do also have the ability to receive support requests via SMS Text Messages (*note cellular carrier data and text rates may apply) by using the "Chat via Text Message" button on our Contact Us page.

For the purposes of our site, a Trick is any man that you contact for a sexual encounter. Be it a casual encounter, friend with benefits, you can even track guys you chat with and are not physical with.

A Tryst, is our term for an actual sexual encounter that you are documenting with a specific Trick. You can add as much or as little detail as you'd like and can rate your Trick on his "Technical Skills" during each encounter.

A Tracker, you may see this term from time to time, we use the term Tracker to refer to a Member of our site who has tracked Tricks in their account. So once you add a Trick you will officially be a Tracker.

There are two ways to add a Trick to your list.

1) [] The Quick Add button. This button will allow you to create a new trick with just Name, an Email, a Phone number, or a Site Screen name. Additional Details and photos can be uploaded later.

2) [] From the Main Menu, select "Add Trick". This will allow you to add all the information you have on your trick including upload photos.

The world is ever changing and we at uTrick iTrack try to keep up with all the changes to stay as current and relevant as possible. It was recently brought to our attention that we are missing a couple Trick Roles in our options list. We have expanded this list and wanted to take time to define some of these Roles that may be new to some of you.

We have expanded these Roles, some are well known, others are new even to us. Below is a brief description of each role so everyone can be on the same page.

TopTerm for someone who exclusively anally penetrates another, Tops will never be anally penetrated by another.
Top-VersatileTerm for someone who predominately anal penetrates another, but given the correct set of circumstances may allow another to penetrate them.
VersatileTerm for someone who will equally penetrate or be penetrated depending on their mood or circumstances.
Flip / SwitchRelatively new term, this individual is Versatile, however for them to feel fully satisfied during a sexual encounter, they need to both Top and Bottom in the same sexual session.
Bottom-VersatileTerm for someone who predominantly gets anally penetrated by another, but given the correct set of circumstances may desire to penetrate another.
BottomTerm for someone who exclusively gets anally penetrated by another, Bottoms will never anally penetrate someone else.
SideA new term to us, this individual is very tactile, will enjoy touching and being touched. They may, or may not, engage in oral sex. However they will never engage in anal sex of any type.
Oral OnlyTerm for an individual who only seeks to give or receive oral pleasure. Typically they are not interested in any intimacy, body contact, or anal sex.
Master / DominantThis term is more about being in control of the sexual encounter. They are the one in charge and all others must do exactly what they say. No exceptions.
Slave / SubmissiveThis term is for those who does not want any control in a sexual encounter, they are perfectly happy submitting to the will and orders of a Master.

Currently you can only upload 6 photos per Trick.

These photos can be uploaded from your computer or mobile device.

The first photo you upload will automatically be the 'default' photo for the Trick, however you can always change the default photo later by clicking the "Make Primary" button under the desired photo.

You can delete a photo by clicking it (a red border will surround that image) then click "Delete". Any photo with a red border will be permanently deleted.

You can add a Tryst with a Trick by first viewing your Trick's details. In the details page click the [add tryst icon] Add Tryst button.

You will be able to add the Date and Time you met your Trick, how long it lasted, and enter any comments you want about the encounter. You can then select the "activities" you engaged in and add a rating of his skills at those activities.

You can also select your "safety" with this Trick. Swallowing, condom usage, barebacking, and so on.

In your "My Settings", you can determine how these safety considerations are labeled.

Simply put, When you enter a Tryst for your Trick, any ratings you give for his "skills" are averaged out with not just your Trysts with him, but also anyone else on the site who rated him (based on the contact information entered for him) will factor into the Tricks average rating.

For example, You hook up with Adam twice, you rate him both times as a 10 for a kisser, another Tracker hook up with him but wasn't feeling it and only rate him a 5 for a kisser. Adam's average rating would be an 8. You, the other Tracker, and Adam (if he has an account) will all see the 8 average rating.

As of this time, you cannot delete a Trick. From personal experiences of those of us at uTrick-iTrack, when you delete someone is when you realize you need the contact information for some reason or another. For this reason we decided not to allow Tricks to be deleted.

However if you want to get rid of someone, just overwrite their information with a new Tricks data. Again we don't recommend this, but it is an option.

If there is an absolute need to delete a Trick or Tryst from your account you may contact Support using the Contact Us form or email support@utrick-itrack.com

As you may have seen, in some browsers you may see the message "Login not secure". This message is because currently uTrick-iTrack.com is not yet an https domain and your browser "assumes" the login is not secure. To address this we have developed a way to encrypt your password prior to sending it to our servers. As such the browser does not have a password to save. This may be inconvenient, but until we have gathered sufficient donations to upgrade to an https domain, we take the security of your account seriously and will continue to encrypt and secure your data in our own unique ways.

Honestly, your information is only as secure as your password. This is why you must avoid common names, dates, or other easily guessed password.

For additional security you can enable Two-step verification at login from "My Account". This will send an email to your registered email address with a verification code when you attempt to log in. There is the option to "Trust" your browser for 30 days so you don't have to verify every time, but will still alert you if someone other then yourself is attempting to log into your account.

On our end, any information you enter, comments, names, address, and Trick contact data are private to only your account. No other users will be able to see any information you enter.

Information that is "shared" like a Trick's rating, these numbers are all averaged with numerous records and cannot back traced to a specific Tracker who entered it.

For the safety of our members a feature is included to alert members if there are inconsistencies with a Tricks HIV status as reported by other Trackers. This is NOT by any means concrete evidence of true status nor a disclosure of someone's status, it is simply a notice that there are inconsistencies with the statuses tracked and you should have a conversation with this person in the future. Know your status, always protect your health and the health of others. This feature can be enabled or disabled from "My Settings". If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.

A Direct Profile is a direct link to a public profile that you can give to your Tricks, whether they are uTrick iTrack members or not. This profile is public meaning that non members can view your data, however for your security we do not allow webcrawlers like Google, AOL, MSN, Yahoo, or any other search engine access this information.

To edit your Direct Profile, go to "My Account" here you can enter what information you want visible on your Direct Profile. You can also upload Pics to your Direct Profile. Note: You can upload Adult Pics, these are not viewable on the public Direct Profile, but if your Tricks add you to their Track list, these naughty pics will be visible for your Trick.

If you encounter an error, or experience any unexpected behavior on our site, please do not hesitate to submit a support ticket via the Contact Us link in the footer. When you do please provide the exact message, steps to replicate the error, and if possible a screen shot of the error or issue so we can identify and correct the issue.

We do routinely monitor error logs on our server and in most cases will catch a number of errors that you may not even see, but we do urge our members to report any bugs they encounter so we can ensure the best possible user experience.

We are always looking to improve our service as well, so if you have any suggestions for features, reports, new hookup sites or Apps, anything you'd like to see added or updated ... Please use the Contact Us form to let us know. We look forward to your feedback and want you to enjoy our site as much as we do.

As a thank you for donating to our site, we will unlock Premium Features for 30 days.

The Premium features you will have access to include the following:

  • Unlimited Trick Pix. The limit of 6 pix per Trick is temporarily removed.
  • Video Upload. The ability to attach short mp4, mov, or avi videos to Tricks. The 5MB file size limit is increased to 50MB. We do convert videos to a compressed mp4 format on upload, however we still recommend using an application like Handbreak or VideoSmaller to convert and resize video files to compress and optimize them for website viewing before upload.
  • Multi-file Upload. With unlimited Pix and Video uploads unlocked, you also have the ability to drag & drop or select multiple files to upload to a Trick simultaneously. This makes it quicker and easier to upload a collection of Pix and Vids for a Trick.
  • Cruise Trick. If you have an email address saved for a Trick you can send an email via the Trick's profile letting him know you're interest in hooking up again.

There are a few other new features currently in development to be released soon. Check back later or follow our Social Media sites for feature release announcements.

Yes! There are other ways that you can have Premium Features unlocked.

  • Referrals - By referring friends using the link in the page footer, you can refer a friend to Register with uTrick iTrack. When they Register an account, both you and the person you referred will get Premium Features unlocked for 30 days. If you refer someone by word of mouth, or if they use a different email to register with us. Make sure your friend knows to put your name and email as a referrer in the "How did you find us" section of the Registration form.
  • Tagging us - If you add the hash tag #uTrickiTrack to any of your Social Media or Hookup profiles you can have Premium Features unlocked. For this option you will need to us the Contact Us form to let us know. Include the sites/apps and your screen names so we can verify the tag.

It would make us sad to see you go, but if you no longer wish to use our service and would like all your information permanently removed from our service, please us the Contact Us form to request Account Removal.

You do have the right to request that your account information be exported at any time. This request can be made through the Contact Us form as well.