Posted: January 24, 2019 02:28 pm

We are always looking to improve our site for you, our members. We are open to any and all suggestions that our members make. We are happy to announce that one such request has been added to our site.

There seems to have been a gap for those members who are more into Kink. We added the following Tracking abilities:

  1. Added Trick Roles - Roles now includes "Master / Dominant" and "Slave / Submissive".
  2. Added Trick Hosting - Now you can set if a trick can or can't host Trysts and if they can, you can select weekdays, weekends, days, or nights.
  3. Added Tryst tracking options -  For you "water sports" lovers. You can now track and rate your Urophilia escapades. 

We are always looking for new features and options. We welcome all member suggestions. We hope everyone finds these new abilities useful.