Posted: January 30, 2019 02:08 pm

For those of you who would like to use uTrick iTrack for more then just a Hookup Tracking and Rating service, you can use our service to help you find your ideal lover(s), life partner(s), or husband(s), what ever label you wish to use. We here at uTrick iTrack are Polyamory friendly so no one will judge you for wanting a horde of hot hunky men for a group marriage, even if local marriage laws haven't caught up yet.

The primary function of uTrick iTrack, to this point, has been to Track and Rate your sexual exploits, desires, fantasies, and turn-ons. Now you can take it a step farther. With this plan you can start to compare the Tricks that you have amazing sexual chemistry with to see who has long term potential to keep you satisfied for a lifetime.

Use the My Relationship Plan worksheet to determine your Vision, Requirements, Needs, and Wants to have a successful long-term relationship with someone (or many someones). Then use this worksheet to see which of your Tricks could possibly become more then just a Trick.