Posted: April 10, 2019 11:04 am

uTrick iTrack enjoys our member feedback to help make our service as useful as possible for all our members. As requested by one of our members, we now have some new features just released.

For those of you who are into a little more kink, we have now added the ability to Track and Rate new activities. You can now Track Trysts where Double Penetration or Fisting was involved. These new tracks were also added to your Reports so you can see your stats with these Tryst activities like all the rest.

Another feature added by popular demand … Advanced Search. You can now deep dive into all your Tricks and Trysts. Advanced search will now search all Tryst encounters for keywords or selected activities you Tracked and Rated to filter your Tricks by. This will help you find those who will satisfy rather specific urges and desires quicker and easier then before.