Posted: May 03, 2019 09:43 am

We are excited to announce a few new features we released just in time for this Beltane Weekend.

We have expanded our Trick search feature, with Advanced Search you can now deep dive into your Tricks and Trysts to find that guy who will satisfy your specific urges and desires. This should help those of you (like some of our staff members) who have ... shall we say, a rather large ... collection of Tricks, to find just the person you are looking for quicker and easier. As an extension to this, we also added some sorting functions to the My Tricks landing page to further help find that Trick you seek.

Another new feature is the My Sexual History report. To help with the writing of your memoir, you can now view the story of your sex life. Formatted from the perspective of you telling your story of all your sexual escapades, My Sexual History puts all your Trick and Tryst history into an exportable format that you can print or just read to remind yourself of how far you've come ... or is it how many times you have cum?

We hope you enjoy these new features, and as always we welcome our member feedback and suggestions to help make our site better for you.