Posted: June 25, 2019 08:21 am

We have received recent criticism for a post that our Social Media team "liked". We at uTrick iTrack are not a political service. We serve you, our Gay Members, by helping you track and rate all your sexual escapades. Our only "political focus" is ensuring that our members, and ALL LGBTQ individuals, are free to love, enjoy, and hookup with whomever they wish without harassment or persecution by closed minded reversionalists. With that being said we do not support the current Presidential Administration, but we are not directing support to any one of "his" opponents either. We are not influencers trying to push an agenda. It is simply our wish that in the next major election in 2020, the current occupant of the White House can be replace with someone who fully supports and embraces the LGBTQ Community and the Reproductive / Sexual Health of all Americans. We apologize to any existing or potential members for any confusion that "like" may have generated. We here truly believe that we are One Race, a Human Race. We celebrate the diversity of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. We enjoy the diversity of different skin tones, body shapes and sizes. We honor the diversity of different religious and spiritual backgrounds. Like the focus of our site with regards to health tracking ... Get Educated, Make informed Decisions, and Follow your Heart. In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust, so long as None it harms, do as you will.