Posted: January 15, 2020 09:00 am

uTrick iTrack now has some New Features! Trick Modeling, and Location Searching.

Trick Modeling: Here is a scenario; You chat with a guy, he gives you some face pics, maybe a body pic, you flirt, you hit it off, and you hook up. Congrats! But he surprisingly never sent you a "D-pic", nor any other naughty pics. Now, he may be shy, he may have plans for Politics, who knows what the reason ... But you want to remember the wonder of his nether regions. Now you can "Model" this Trick.

After you create a Trick with all contact details and upload any pics he did sent you, press the Trick Modeling button , select a few drawings that closely resemble or describe your Trick's "Fun Bits".

There you have it, When you press that Trick Modeling button later you will see only the images selected and have a better idea of what "assets" this Trick has to offer for future hookups.

Location Searching: As part of the Advance Search, you can now search for Tricks within a range of either a City, State OR Zipcode. This will show Tricks that are near that location or those you had previous Trysts with near that location. This is a useful feature for frequent travelers who may want to find that amazing guy and hookup again, like the last time they were in that area.

As always we look forward to new feature suggestions from our members. Have an idea for a new feature? Please let us know using the Contact Us link in the footer, or email We look forward to your suggestions.

Happy Hooking! And Play Safe.