Posted: March 06, 2020 09:00 am

We here at uTrick iTrack are focused on the health and well-being of not just our members, but the entire GLBT Community at large. The media has hyped up the dangers of COVID19 for months now, we are not going to rehash or perpetuate any of that here. We, as Gay Men, understand very well that often the drive of physical desire and raging hormones can override the logic of the mind. We ask everyone in the GLBT community to take a few simple steps to protect yourself and others during this inevitable pandemic.

First, if you are not feeling well, be it a Cold, the Flu, possible COVID19, or any illness in general, just stay to yourself until you are better. In this case self pleasure is preferable to exposing others to possible illness. After all, would you want to hook up with someone who is not in optimal health?? We didn't thinks so, so why would he?

Second, every power bottom understands that Cleanliness is Godliness. Make sure you are washing your face and hands frequently. Make sure you clean and sterilize all "toys" and utensil, as well as door knobs, faucets, toilet seats and handles. Remember that beds get sick too ... body fluids and sweat get in your sheets and bedding even when you're not getting hot and heavy with another guy, so make sure you are changing your sheets and bedding frequently.

Third, don't panic! Yes COVID19 is a serious illness and you want to do your part to not contract nor spread it, but if you do get exposed it is not the "end of the world". On average 82% of cases are very mild, like an upper respiratory infection or the Flu. Only 18% are serious and require medical attention, and these cases are usually in those much older adults or those with already compromised immune systems.

The point of this story. Don't buy into the panic and fear being generated around COVID19. Just take simple steps to protect yourself and others around you and we will all come through this just fine. Our community has faced it's fair share of public health crises in the past and we have always come through stronger then before. The GLBT Community is resilient.