Posted: March 05, 2018 09:00 am

Some exciting new features have been released on uTrick iTrack this week!

First: We have added a new tracking tool for those of you who spend a lot of time practicing with your hand. You can now track your Masturbation habits, tracking what really gets your juices flowing. This would also be helpful for those working on tantric style climax prolonging techniques, learning and testing your limits of self pleasure.

Second: We have been expanding integrations with your mobile devices. You can now trigger navigation to your favorite tricks right from our site, as long as you have an address saved for your trick, with one tap you can lock in travel directions to him from your current location. We have also included the ability to export tricks to your phone's native contacts application for easy texting or calling from your mobile device.

Future release: Support has been added to allow export of trysts to the Apple iOS Health App. This feature has been build but currently on release hold as we are awaiting a pending update from an Apple App developer to include support that allows this data to be imported into the Apple Sexual Activity Health Kit. Once that App update is released we will unlock this export feature on our site.